Virtual Teams

 Build a vibrant and virtual team.

Working in virtual teams has become the norm for millions of people, but many are still working with a toolkit that was designed for steady teams who sit in the same building.

The questions that still vex many people on a daily basis include:

  • How do we create a team bond?
  • How do we ensure we are on the same page?
  • How do we communicate effectively via audio and video conference?
  • How to we build trust when we can’t meet in person?
  • How can leaders motivate and manage remote teams?

Our latest program, Building a Vibrant Virtual Team delivers a step-change in performance. Unlike training that solely transfers knowledge, this  experiential program delivers moments of insight for participants that translate into wisdom in their working practice.

There are a few differences about this program that make it exciting and effective:

  1. It’s delivered remotely, scheduled flexibly and tailored to meet your needs.
  2. It includes expert voice and body language training for virtual communication technology.
  3. It combines the wisdom of experience of virtual teams, the latest research on what works and a web-based series of facilitation and coaching sessions.

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