Rising Stars

We help organizations accelerate the development of their rising stars by providing a structured approach to learning from experience.

Action Lab® is an action-learning based program for high-potential leaders and specialists who need to develop a strategic understanding of the whole organization. We are proud to offer Action Lab® programs as Partner of Action Lab A/S.

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Learn in Position is our innovative coaching program that turns your succession plan into a meaningful, active process. Download the brochure.

For leaders who want to discover their potential for senior executive to board level roles, Action Lab® tests their mettle with a real strategic business challenge. Traditional leadership development programs take people outside of the company to train them, whereas Action Lab® brings real-time learning into your workplace.

Action Lab® brings a team of people together to solve a complex strategic question for the organization. In doing so, the participants learn to quickly build a high performing team, develop personal leadership capabilities, think strategically and solve problems.

Available in classic, condensed and intensive formats, all Action Lab® include the key ingredients of top management involvement, strategically significant business challenges, team work, close observation, real-time coaching by highly trained practitioners, and individual feedback and development planning.

Pioneered by our partners Action Lab in Europe over 13 years ago and refined using the lessons of experience over time, today the Action Lab® method has been run in countless organizations, with over 1500 participants representing more than 50 different nationalities.

“Being in a team of other managers working on a shared task was a one-of-a-kind training experience. The feedback from Action Lab was highly relevant, insightful and applicable. Together, this provided real insight into my personal strengths and challenges, giving direction to my future, professional trajectory. I have come away from the Action Lab Program smarter and more focused than from any other educational / development program I have ever been part of – including my MBA and courses at renowned learning institutes.”
– Vice President, Finance, Legal and IT

“Employees in our Development area are experts, who are motivated by specific tasks in which they feel they can make a contribution. Bringing these employees together in an Action Lab® program forced them to think out of the box in relation to their own expert knowledge and tested their team-working skills across the organization.”
– Senior Vice President, Development, Lundbeck, Denmark

Learn in Position enables organizations to close the leadership gap left by the high number of retiring executives.

A collaborative coaching program, it engages participants on real business projects that benefit the bottom line.

Benefits to the upcoming leader:

  • Learn with minimal disruption to daily workflow
  • Work on strategic goals with support from senior leaders and a professional executive coach
  • Learn how to have greater influence at the board table
  • Be prepared to fulfill the succession plan

Benefits to organizations:

  • Engage and retain upcoming leaders
  • Build an inclusive culture for an age-diverse population
  • Promote from within, rather than expensively hiring from outside
  • Transfer institutional knowledge

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