Retiring Executives

Innovative succession planning through collaborative leadership development.

Many people approaching retirement underestimate how big a change this is. The focus tends to be on financial planning, yet there are important social and psychological needs that must also be met.

Organizations offer support for transition at every step of your career, except, it seems, the final stages. Whether you are looking to transfer to a different career, change your working pattern or move into full retirement, we are here to help you manage this successfully to the benefit of yourself and your organization.

Learn in Position

Benefits for the Executive

  • Shape your legacy
  • Leave your organization continuing to be productive
  • Transition smoothly into retirement, a different role or working pattern
  • Mentor your successor while receiving professional coaching.

Benefits to the Organization

  • Transfer institutional knowledge
  • Engage and retain younger employees
  • Build an inclusive culture for an age-diverse population
  • Promote from within, rather than expensively hiring from the outside
  • Achieve a smooth transition to retirement for senior leaders


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