Whether you’re going through a large organizational change, are concerned about choke points in your management pipeline, or wished your teams operated with greater efficiency, effective development programs can change the very fabric of your company. Working with Tennyson LLC means getting solutions designed to bring about behavioral change where your organization needs it most.

We apply the Odyssey Behavioral Decision Making Model to facilitate organizational change by transforming behavior. Developed by Dr Phil Allcock, the OBDMM is a structured method of working with groups and individual leaders.

Before we design a program, we perform a thorough consultation to understand the context of your organization. With help from you, we build an understanding of both what’s in it for your business (what change you need to bring about in your business) and what’s in it for your people (why your people should be motivated to change).

Organizational Change Consultation

We ask questions like:

  • What do you want to achieve for the business through this program?
  • How will you know if the program is successful?
  • In order to achieve this, what do the participants need to learn?


After gaining an understanding of your organization and needs, we design a custom program, which can be delivered in several formats.

  • Connector.

    Conference Presentation

    We can present interactive educational and motivational sessions for very large groups (Bespoke training for annual sales kick-off events in five locations for a multinational software firm)   

  • Connector.


    A facilitator works with 10-20 delegates for 1-2 days on a specific topic or objective.  (Skills for client-facing bankers at a corporate bank in the aftermath of the financial crisis) 

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    Co-Facilitated Sessions

    With large groups of 20-50 people, we work first with the whole group and then break into small groups to facilitate role playing, discussions and games. Multi-day program for the most senior client-facing bankers at a corporate bank on how to have difficult client conversations in the aftermath of the financial crisis

  • Connector.

    Team Coaching

    We work with teams of 4-8 people to  improve team dynamics and collective performance. (leadership and team-building series for the rapidly growing management team of the Capital Markets division of a corporate bank)

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    One-On-One Coaching

    Intensive sessions with individuals help pinpoint specific gaps in skills and understanding, and fill them through interactive exercises. (a recently appointed Director of Institutional Business tasked with managing her own team for the first time.)


After every program, we ask participants to complete a survey evaluation, then implement follow-up coaching calls, focus group interviews, or other check-ins at designated times. We feel our work is not complete unless true, lasting change has occurred.

Develop Internal Capabilities

For organizations that want to develop an internal team of coaches or facilitators to provide ongoing support to your people, we offer coaching skills training for managers and Lumina qualifications for HR staff.

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